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Garden Dinner at Dusk

The Mission of Olivewood Gardens and Learning Center is to empower students and families from diverse backgrounds to be healthy and active citizens through organic gardening, environmental stewardship, and nutrition education. Our Vision is to reconnect students and families to the natural environment through food, education and community engagement.


Join us at Olivewood Gardens & Learning Center for an intimate outdoor dinner and guided tour of the beautiful gardens at sundown by one of our staff members. Enjoy authentic farm-to-table cuisine from an established San Diego chef while connecting to your neighbors as well as the food that you’re consuming! 


Saturday, June 29th

5pm – 8pm

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Our friend Chris Osborne, a West Virginia native, found his love for cooking at a young age. After serving in the Navy, Osborne became immersed in the culinary industry through hands-on opportunities at established restaurants. With experiences throughout San Diego from Cowboy Star, Pendry Hotel, Biga, Counterpoint, and now the historic Mister A’s, Osborne has created a name for himself within the community. Following his belief that the staff and ambiance of the restaurant lay the groundwork for a truly special dining experience, Osborne adds his own touches to the menu. His style of cooking is produce-focused rather than protein-focused, thinking about the bigger picture to express cohesive flavors. Each component has a purpose and is eliminated if it does not, allowing Osborne to fully encapsulate the flavors and enhance the overall experience by increasing functionality in food.