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Chefcitos Cooking Class

The Mission of Olivewood Gardens and Learning Center is to empower students and families from diverse backgrounds to be healthy and active citizens through organic gardening, environmental stewardship, and nutrition education. Our Vision is to reconnect students and families to the natural environment through food, education and community engagement.

Do you have a child interested in learning how to cook? Chefcitos is a children's cooking program that is aimed at teaching kids how to make delicious and healthy meals. This class is desgined for kids ages 5-12. Each class has a different theme, such as, Healthy Snacks, Water and Healthy Body.


Sign up here for our Spring Break Chefcitos Cooking Class!

You can also set up a Chefcitos class for a whole group of 10 children by contacting Corrie at corrie@olivewoodgardens.org or by calling us at (619) 434-4281